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first entry in ages ~

Ahhhhndjkaédeéanmlxai, I’m so useless xDD I actually was planning to give this side a regular update… HOWEVER , I utterly failed at it almost as badly as Ryo did at swimming. Since I arrived here in Japan, almost two month ago I didn’t feel like have the the time to write anything in here~~
So, this is my first and probably unsuccessful attempt to summarize my experience so far. I’ll try to make it quick and easy ^__^ Oh, and one last warning before reading : the words ‘rainbow & glitter’ will probably pop up more frequently than the words ‘aupair & guestfamily’. (my appologies to all those who aren’t actually citizen’s of the bright and wonderful world of Johnny’s… ne Mami a Papi, a Katalin a sou weider^^)

*first of all : I went to 3 Johnny’s concerts in a period of only one week... first Kanjani in Nagano (Saturday), than Summary another concert (on Wednesday) and finally Arashi on Friday.
As expected Kanjani was really great and fun… and Ryo ALMOST fell of the stage, muhhaahaaa. If I could speak a little better Japanese and brought enough money with mem I probably would’ve bought another ticket for the afternoon show xDD but, I DIDN’T… so no need to actually talk about this ^^’
And then, well…..hehem, YES, I went to Johnny’s summary I’m actually a HSJ fan in disguise , with my sister... it was HER idea ! and I have to say, it was really worth it... first of all, ABC was really great! I already liked them before the show, but now…. I like them even better, hehe^^’ and THEN, the second it-was-worth-it-reason : SMAP was sitting in the audience *yeiiiii*! Since Johnny’s Theater is actually quite small, they weren’t that far away from us. I already spotted them during the show i was actually looking at the audience instead of hsj xDD , and these ‘older man’ sitting among all those crazy fangirls somehow seemed quite suspicious to me ^^.

Although I really really really really really really really really really really really really enjoyed the Kanjani concert, I have to admit that Arashi was definetely the more impressive one. Simply being part of a 60 000-people audience is already an incredible feeling ... and if you add Arashi including Aiba’s ripped trousers to it, it makes it an unforgettable experience xDD ! Seriously, I was already speachless BEFORE the concert… and I won’t even try to describe my feelings AFTER the concert (...AFTER Aiba’s pant’s ripped, ...AFTER Nino's 'Niji', ...AFTER Sho wearing green trousers during his solo, ...AFTER a whole bunch of white balloons flying into the sky, ...AFTER a totally kitschy firework, ...AFTER Aiba only wearing his striped bathing shorts, ...AFTER too much sparkle and glitter, ...AFTER….. AFTER seeing ARASHI including Aiba’s ripped trousers, did I mention that? ). Well yeah, so I’ll stop now, since otherwise…. Ehm ?!?!...
Oh maybe I it would be worth mentioning that some News-members were also present during the concert. At least Massu was for sure (since I saw his face) and *I think* Ryo was too (judging his movements, his clothes, and his tiny figure).

*OK, so most important thing being said now…. Moving on to the next topic: I talked to Yamamoto Yusuke. I TALKED to Yamamoto Yusuke !! I talked to YAMAMOTO YUSUKE !!!!!!!!! I actually talked to guy whose photobook is standing in my bookshelf and whose face is currently present in every single magazine here in Japan xDDD naioéfnrkewléfanidofahnlédmakléfdsfiofoenkm,laàdaj Ehm and now a short explanation of the situation: we (my sister, Sophie and I) almost bumped into him saw him (and his friend) at shibuya station and then took the same train as them… then we I decided to get of at the same station as him, so I could ask him for an autograph. Well, I almost suffered from a heart attack during that train ride… I seriously did ! my heart was almost popping out (luckily it didn’t since it would’ve been a big mess xDD). … then, at Shinjuku station I actually went to him and asked for an autograph, but he was like ‘chotto~~ >_____<’ and I was like ‘ok…. Sorry, thank you, baibai’ xDD. So as you can imaginge it was a VERY elaborate conversation, hehe ^^’

I think, that’s it for now… yep, I’m aware that this entry didn’t really give you an insight in my life here in Japan m( -______- )m but, …. I simply don't fell like writing anymore right now, Hhoohhoohoooo. Anyways, my other experiences aren't *that* interesting…. Only a bit of reeeeally bad karaoke, some absolutey dumb purikura, nice meals at Aiba’s restaurant, a lot of walking trough Shibuya and Harajuku, spending a lot of money in the Johnny’s shop, always descovering new advertisements featuring familiar (VERY familiar) faces, doing a lot of shopping, seeing many cool people, and…. Simply having a nice time around here ^_______^

So, that’s it for now… Soooo, take an Aiba Aiba

Aibaibai ~~

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